Nature Discovery for Kids

Classes Stating June 8th & ending the week of July 23rd

Nature Discovery June 8th-12th

Discover the Nature Center in a way that has been never seen before. Explorers will be led to the back areas of the Nature Center where they may see porcupines, coyote dens, bullfrogs and more. Every class is different and the kids will really learn how to explore, observe and discover the nature center in a unique way.

Tracking June 15th-18th

You can learn so much from what nature leaves behind. Students will learn about different animals from their tracks and bones left behind by sleuthing the trails of the Nature Center to discover, identify, and analyze clues left in the Bosque.

Raptors and Other Birds June 22-23

Birds of every kind are abundant in the Bosque.  Students will learn about how to identify birds and the importance that raptors play in our environment through scientific field studies, games and exploring the Bosque with expert teachers. With a visit from the experts from the Wildlife Rescue, the students will be able to ask questions and observe these majestic Raptors up close.

Insects & Arachnids July 13th-16th

Learn what it is to be an Entomologist or an Arachnologist. Explorers will look, identify and observe the many insects and spiders at the nature center. They understand the importance of these small but mighty creatures through games, crafts and activities. 

Amphibians & Reptiles July 20th-23rd

Students will learn through science, art, and nature discovery of both reptiles & amphibians from the inside out. Using scientific methodology and fun, students will compare the slimy (but wonderful ) creatures of the bosque.


Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center is a non-profit 50l(c)3 organization that supports the Nature Center's mission to preserve and protect the Rio Grande Bosque, to educate the public about Rio Grande ecosystems, and to foster positive human interactions with those systems. The Friends fund classes for over 12,000 schoolchildren each year, manage the Nature Shop and support a number of ecological research projects. Led by a force of 170 trained naturalists, the Friends serve a total of 130,000 Nature Center visitors with classes, guided walks, and other educational activities.


T: 505-344-7240

F: 505-344-3405


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